Orchidée Announces S11 (MC68HC11®) Family of Standard Microcontrollers

Lausanne, Switzerland, January 16, 2002 - Orchidée Semiconductor has announced the introduction of the S11 family of microcontrollers which are pin-for-pin compatible with the industry standard MC68HC11® products. The chips will begin shipment directly to OEM's in Q1 of 2002 and are available in both through-hole and surface mount packages to maintain true replacement compatibility with the standard off-the-shelf microcontrollers. Orchidée, long known in the IP core licensing business as a provider of telecommunications and other networking cores, has moved headstrong into the fabless semiconductor business through the introduction of the S11 family. The S11 chips are both functionally and timing-compatible with the industry standard parts and will support all third-party software development tools. In addition, since they are fabricated in newer, state-of-the-art semiconductor technologies, they are capable of higher operating frequencies than the industry standard parts.

As Don McCarthy, President of Orchidée explains, "The HC11 is perhaps the most powerful 8-bit microcontroller in the world and there have been an enormous amount of resources which have been invested over the past 10 years in the development of software for this platform. It figures to be around for a very long time to come." Adds McCarthy, "The S11 is based on Orchidée's mature IP core technology and is manufactured in state-of-the-art silicon foundries.This insures long-term product longevity and continuity of supply of this product for customers at a time when the original manufacturer is retreating from this market."

The S11 devices have been developed with compatibility in mind and are priced competitively with either the standard MC68HC11® parts or other 8-bit microcontrollers available on the market. Interested customers should contact an Orchidée representative for a specific version, price and availability information.