Orchidée Signs Worldwide Distribution Agreement with First Components GmbH, a Division of Azego Technology Services, Germany

Lausanne, Switzerland, October 14, 2004 - Swiss telecommunications IC component manufacturer Orchidée Semiconductor Sàrl ("Orchidée") has entered into a worldwide distribution agreement with First Components GmbH of Munich, Germany. First Components is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Azego Technology Services GmbH, also of Munich.

Under the agreement, First will provide distribution services for the complete line of Orchidée products and provide customer support with their integration. First (together with Azego) has a worldwide distribution presence and will help to promote Orchidée's products in markets which have been thus far out of reach for Orchidée. The agreement represents Orchidée's first franchised distribution contract with a major distributor.

About Orchidée
Orchidée Semiconductor is a privately held telecommunications and automotive IC manufacturer headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. Orchidée has operations in both North America and Europe and services OEM customers worldwide.

About First Components
First Components GmbH (www.firstcomponents.de) was founded in 1990. In the year 2000 it was sold to ACG Advanced Components Group AG. In 2004, ACG changed its name to AZEGO Technology Services. Since then, First Components GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of AZEGO Technology Services. First Components has maintained its successful strategy of personal commitment to customers and excellent services. We have a strong focus on a limited number of long-term semiconductor partners but we provide a full product range of semiconductor products. Through our global network we are able to react to the different needs of our customers in a
quick, flexible and reliable manner.

About Azego AG
AZEGO AG (www.azego.com) is a leading independent and worldwide active supplier of components with logistics services for the semiconductor industry. On behalf of our customers - OEMs and CEMs - we independently supply semiconductor components and remarket their excess inventory. Today, AZEGO AG is one of the Top 10 Independent Distributors of semiconductors worldwide.