Orchidée Introduces MOAB 3.3V Terminal Upn Line Transceiver (SCOUT-P® Replacement Component)

Lausanne, Switzerland, September 10, 2005 - Swiss telecommunications IC component manufacturer Orchidée Semiconductor Sàrl ("Orchidée") has introduced a 3.3V Upn Terminal Transceiver and HDLC chip. The component, named "MOAB", is designed to provide a direct, pin-for-pin replacement to the Infineon SCOUT-P® (PSB21391) with the exception that MOAB does not contain a CODEC. MOAB is based on Orchidée's mature, proven, Upn line interface technology and is capable of direct placement into SCOUT-P® sockets for applications not requiring use of the CODEC.

As explained by Mr. Don McCarthy, President of Orchidée, "MOAB represents the integration of our Upn and Tomahawk core technologies into a cost-reduced standard component. MOAB also includes a couple of interesting features to address terminal repeater and DECT basestation applications including Terminal Repeater (TR) modes of operation and a parallel external bus interface in lieu of the Monitor Channel programming mode."

Since the device is manufactured in more recent, smaller-geometry technologies than the current standard part, pricing is more competitive. MOAB has been developed in 0.5-micron technology and is offered in a JEDEC-standard, Pb-free MQFP package.